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Trekking Desert Morocco - Camel Trekking

Sahara Desert Trek Morocco

South Morocco is the ideal place for a desert trek; and discover Experience the nomadic life style with us in 3 days, 5 Days, 7 days with camel trekking at desert morocco.

Located on the edge of the Sahara, the Moroccan desert offers hikers exceptional atmospheres. From the Draa valley to the Chegaga dunes… We offer trek morocco desert with camels in little visited regions of southern Morocco, such as the howling dunes and follow in the footsteps of the caravans of yesteryear. And discover the sumptuous landscapes of southern Morocco And succumb to the magic of the Sahara and its starry nights.

Our different trips offer you multiple options, find yours and embark on this beautiful adventure without further delay; Family trip, trek morocco desert, sahara trek morocco, discovery trip or adventure trip, there is something for everyone!

Let yourself be surprised by all the magic that our trips offer in desert morocco, you just need to get started; We take care of everything. Forget the usual hassles such as meals or hotels; our comprehensive formulas allow you to take full advantage of the experience. An accompanying guide will also be by your side for the duration of the stay so that your active discovery is up to your dreams.So grab your walking shoes and put on your backpack, Morocco is waiting for you.