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Top 5 desert cities in Morocco

Top 5 desert cities in Morocco

Do you want to discover a confidential Morocco, irresistibly authentic and of beauty to make the ocher dunes of the desert pale? Far from the city bustle, live peacefully sumptuous small Moroccan villages. Rendezvous for a total change of scenery between oases, kasbahs and other palm groves, full of color, warmth and bewitching charms.In this article we will mention top 5 desert cities in Morocco

  • Tafraout

In the valley of Ammeln, a Berber tribe of the Anti-Atlas, is Tafraout. Nestled in the middle of a circus of pink granite rocks, the village offers a fantastic view. A panorama of natural beauty, between rocky sanctuary and vegetal Eden. Here grow palm trees, argan trees, olive trees and almond trees. The village reaches its splendid peak in February, when its fleeting almond blossoms bloom, Mountain biking expeditions and trekking from Tafraout or book our 3 days marrakech to merzouga desert to explore this difficult-to-reach region, where wild nature is deserved. It is here that the plastic artist, Jean Vérame, created a multidimensional work of art: the Blue Rocks. Back in the village, relax in the hammam, stroll in the market (Wednesdays) or taste amlou, a popular spread made from argan nuts.

  • Mirleft

Perched on the heights of the gigantic Anti-Atlas, Mirflet is one of the most picturesque cities in Morocco. At the meeting point of the desert and the Atlantic Ocean, this small Berber village enjoys ideal sunshine and suitable temperatures all year round. Mirflet is home to five virgin beaches of any construction and naturally wild. Laze on the sand, indulge in scuba diving, learn to surf or walk through the traditional arcades, but one thing is certain, be sure to bring back local products: argan oil, Moroccan pottery and slippers! And when the sun sets the horizon ablaze, head up the hill to explore the old Spanish fort, Tidli. The view of the ocean is magnificent. From Marrakech, a public bus takes you every hour to this piece of seaside paradise.

  • Taghazout

Welcome to Taghazout, the land of surfing. 20 minutes from Agadir, between the ocean and arid lands, resists a fishing village. A must-see on the Moroccan coast which attracts several hundred surfers every summer. You will then come across, alongside the villagers and the usual cafes, wriggling wave tamers and a myriad of boardsports shops. An ultra-preserved El Dorado (for how long?) With traditional white and ocher houses, miles of pristine beaches and wonderfully photogenic ruins. A destination resolutely full of charm.

  • Imlil

Located at the foot of Mount Toubkal, whose summit is the highest in Morocco and North Africa (4,167 m), Imlil is the ideal starting point for setting out to conquer the surrounding mountains. Perched at an altitude of 1,740 meters, the village of Imlil offers a dazzling panorama. A small haven of tranquility, nestled in the heart of the Atlas Mountains, which is a few kilometers from the ocher city. It is the last village a car can reach before setting off on the ascent of Mt. Magical vision, invigorating greenery and nitescent beauty, this is how the landscape of Imlil is summed up.

  • Oukaimeden

Forget the Morocco = desert equation! As proof, the kingdom has many massifs that make up the sumptuous chain of the Atlas. In winter, the mountains offer many snow-covered slopes; In summer, pleasant hiking trails are revealed. Oukaïmeden, the highest ski resort in all of Africa, is among the most popular in Morocco. Culminating at 3,200 m, its peaks are adorned with a large blanket of snow for much of the year. The resort has five slopes to satisfy both snow sports professionals and toboggan enthusiasts. Located 1 hour by car from Marrakech, this village allows you to combine snow and sun during your Moroccan stay.

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