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The 10 Most Beautiful City in Morocco

The 10 Most Beautiful City in Morocco

When you go to Morocco, you should expect to see all the colors, in the literal sense of the word. The flamboyant ochres of the walls, the dazzling whites of the lime walls and the sparkling green of the tiles magnified by the light leave no mark. To discover this composite country, In this article The 10 Most Beautiful City in Morocco to see.

  • Tangier

Gateway to the West or bridgehead to the East, Tangier is a thousand-year-old city that lives day by day. To soak up its atmosphere, you have to stroll through its squares and alleyways. Its status as an international city, established in the 1920s, has given it all the eccentricities. Princes, artists, billionaires flocked to the magnificent bay of Morocco …

  • Fez

Fez is a bustling city: behind the ageless doors of its medina lie sublime palaces, while trendy bars emerge from the shadow of the minarets. Lovers of old stones will marvel at the royal and religious buildings erected in the time of the Merinides (13th-15th centuries). The site of the Marinid tombs, where the sultans rest, offers an exceptional panorama of the city, Discover our tour 3 Days Shared Marrakech to Fes desert tour.

  • Rabat

A former fortress, Rabat * had various destinies until that of capital in 1912. The Kasbah of Oudaïas, built on a military camp, offers a maze of alleys with whitewashed walls, crumbling under bougainvillea; its door bears witness to the virtuosity of Almohad architects. The Moorish Café, with its view of the waters, is the essential place in the citadel to quench your thirst.

  • Meknes

This “Versailles of Morocco”, locked by three enclosures, wanted to be impregnable. Favorite site of Sultan Moulay Ismaïl, megalomaniac tyrant and contemporary of Louis XIV, the city shelters a medina on a human scale and a souk much less agitated than that of Fez. The famous Bab Mansour gate is worth the detour with its detailed ornamentation and interlacing.

  • Marrakech

At the mere mention of its name, a host of images emerge: Jemaâ-el-Fna square and its bustle, the permanent mob of souks, and in the distance, the Atlas barrier. Its multitude of palaces and medersas have earned it its title as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The most cosmopolitan of Morocco’s imperial cities, which makes and breaks fashions, is a favorite destination for tourists and the jet-set. Discover our tours Shared Desert Tours from Marrakech.

  • Chefchaouen

All shades of blue are available in this city that breathes the sweetness of life. Follow the springs, washhouses, fountains and mills: this is a pleasant way to discover Chefchaouen! And to recover, nothing like a meal on the Uta-el-Hammam square to see the sun set the ocher walls of the Kasbah on fire.

  • Tetouan

The “daughter of Granada” has retained a strong imprint of the Hispanic colonization which lasted until 1956. At its heart, the medina has retained a scent of authenticity with its small trades, its shady plots and its fountains. And for a total immersion, the Ethnographic Museum invites you to experience a Tetouan day, with its habits and customs.

  • El Jedida

Let’s stay in an Iberian atmosphere with El Jedida, a former Portuguese counter. In the old city in the shape of a four-pointed star, Jews, Christians and Muslims have lived together for a long time, as the old synagogue and the two churches attest. The Portuguese cistern in Gothic style, enhanced by its lighting, offers an incomparable spectacle.

  • Essaouira

It is no coincidence that Orson Wells chose Essaouira for the shooting of his film Othello. Nestled on a rocky peninsula, the city-museum charms with its luminous constructions and its typical blue boats. After a walk on the skala (ramparts) from which you overlook the city in 360 °, it is pleasant to taste grilled food in the lively fishing port.

  • Casablanca

The city of Art Deco bears witness to the succession of inventive architects who, during the Roaring Twenties, shaped the new face of the “White City”. For a more oriental atmosphere, a walk near the Hassan-II mosque is essential: built above the waves and adorned with the tallest minaret in the world, the building is presented as the “new beacon of Islam” .

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