Morocco Todgha Gorge

Morocco Todgha Gorge

If you were asked one day to answer the question of knowing which is the most impressive country in Africa, there is no doubt that the answer to be given should not be delayed because without worry, the answer without controversy to give is Morocco.

This is certainly not a gratuitous statement regarding all that one discovers there when one goes there: One finds mountainous massifs of the Atlas, which abounds cliffs, valleys, courses of water, waterfalls. However, the mountain range that interests us in the context of this article, is called Todra Gorges.

Characteristics of Todra Gorges

The gorges of Todra or Moroccan High Atlas, are located 15 km from the city of Tinghir, northwest of Ouarzazate. They are characterized by their narrow and immense cliffs.

If you are in Marrakech and you decide to go there, it is advisable in this case to go before Ouarzazate. If you are driving, you should be between two to three hours away. It is by noticing the source of water that we call “the source of the sacred fish” that you will know that you have arrived at Todra Gorge.

The fishing is obviously not allowed in this source, because the fish, certainly are sacred, but represent the beauty of this source, which itself participates in the beauty of the Todra Gorge. It is exactly here, that is to say before engaging the depths of the throats that it is advisable to leave the car.

When you walk by foot, this is the only possibility, you will find that in some places, the gorge can reach 300 meters high . Accommodations

What is even more interesting in this place is that there are hotels, restaurants. These hotels are located in these gorges to accommodate visitors and tourists, who also have the opportunity to go climbing and hiking.

Climbing equipment can be rented on site. As for the hike, it will be to walk the rocky terrain of the gorges to the small village of Tamtatouchte.

Just next to the gorges, there is a vast palm grove which is fed by ingenious irrigation systems, they are called siguias, in Berber, it is targat. It is said that we grow apple trees, pomegranate, apricot, almond, olive, date palm, cereals, ferns and traditional Moroccan mints. Even the frequent floods that one encounters, the wadi remains and remains the wealth of farmers and surrounding villages.

The Todra Gorge offers tourists and travelers many opportunities for walking, hiking and climbing. They make Morocco one of the most spectacular natural areas. Feel free to visit Morocco to enjoy what nature has offered to this country!

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