Jamaa El Fna Morocco

Jamaa El Fna Morocco

Jamaa El Fna is the tourist center of Marrakech that continues to seduce tourists from different countries of the world with its shows of snake charmers, fire eaters, monkey trainers, storytellers, musicians and many other artists who will make you to dive into another world, scented by the beauty and simplicity of Marrakech.

The most active place of all Morocco, especially from 18:00, managed to attract millions of visitors Moroccans and foreigners every year thanks to its exceptional charm, It will be inscribed in 2001 by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of the humanity.

Located in the heart of the Medina, and right next to the Koutoubia mosque, a place you must visit, and discover the souks and alleys in the area, because the charm of the place lies in its simplicity and its popularity.

The hucksters harangue passersby and tourists to sell them a henna tattoo or a miracle cure. The small outdoor restaurants attract you by the color and the smell of their dishes that you will taste around a summary table. Famous and admired throughout the world, the place Jemâa el Fna astonishes by the variety of shows that it is today given to see but also by some of its cultural side.

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