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How far is desert from Marrakech

How far is desert from Marrakech

How far is desert from Marrakech?

A vast desert area located on the High Atlas plateau, the Agafay desert is a fascinating natural environment perfectly preserved which, despite its proximity to Marrakech, is still spared from mass tourism.

Getaway off the beaten track par excellence, the discovery of this stone desert will remain as one of your beautiful memories of your passage through Marrakech.

The Agafay desert, a real desert 30 minutes from Marrakech

Located about thirty kilometers from the ocher city, this little known gem extends over several hundred hectares on the first heights of the High Atlas massif Its arid landscapes made of stones and rock gardens offer an immense panorama punctuated by white dunes whose shape and color evoke those of the Saharan dunes of erg chebbi.

Pearl of the Marrakchi desert, the enchanted oasis nestles in the heart of the Agafay desert, along the bed of a wadi in a valley hollow. The contrast between the profusion of greenery and the clear dunes sculpted by erosion is striking. 

At the bottom of the oasis in the middle of this profusion of olive trees, vineyards and eucalyptus, an abandoned farm has been transformed into a restaurant with guest rooms.

Further along the course of the river, pretty little canyons dug by the violent floods of the wadi bring to enrich the variety of landscapes of this desert of exceptional beauty.

A haven of peace conducive to meditation, the Agafay desert is well worth a visit from a few hours to several days.

From a simple getaway to a stay

Long ignored by tourism stakeholders, the Agafay desert has aroused real interest in recent years. The opportunities to visit it by 4x4, Quad or buggy are increasing as are the possibilities of staying on site.

To fully discover this fascinating natural environment and have a taste of the experiences that lie a few hundred kilometers further south in the Sahara Desert, nothing like a complete immersion by spending one or more nights on site. In the heart of the desert, it is possible to book luxury guest rooms as well as sleep in a tent in a camp offering all the comfort.

These extraordinary places also offer more ecological tours by camel or during discovery hikes as well as Yoga courses.

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