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Beautiful Oasis of Skoura

Beautiful Oasis of Skoura

Skoura is one of Morocco’s most beautiful oases and offers weary travelers the opportunity to relax their tired legs and enjoy nature’s abundance. At first glance it looks like a long, thin oasis. Once you get off the highway, however, you’ll find that the skoura in Morocco is enormous and what looks like a line of trees is actually an oasis in bloom.

The source of Skoura’s natural wealth are the two seasonal rivers that feed the area’s vegetation. But that’s not the only reason people come here. Visitors travel from afar to see the impressive 17th-century Amerhidl Kasbah. This particular Kasbah is enshrined on the back of the 50-dirham banknote. This is, therefore, the main draw of Skoura, and its attractive size and design always make it useful. However the Amerhidl Kasbah is not the only attraction of its kind on Skoura. Visitors will find Dar Ait Sidi el-Mati Kasbah a delight too. If you are in the area, we recommend visiting Ben Amar and Ait Ben Abu Kasbah. This masterpiece resembles an oriental castle, only adorned with the beautiful palm trees of this oasis.

After you’ve explored the world of palm forests and castles, learn more about the region’s religious affiliation by visiting a pre-Islamic Muslim temple called Marabout Sidi M’Barek. Then it is best to go to your accommodation for the evening. There are a number of hotels in Skura, some catering to the poor and some for the rich. There seems to be no middle ground. Visitors can try the fabulous Auberge la Palmeraie, Ait Ben Moro or Dar Ahlam which are not only beautiful but also very expensive. For snacks, you’ll find a number of humble restaurant cafes in Skoura, while Chez Slimani offers excellent dishes. However, please note that there is no currency exchange service on Skoura. So you need to make sure you exchange enough cash for quartz before going to the oasis. If you wish to explore this delightful oasis on your own you can do so by taking a bus at Quarzazate or waiting for the big taxis to fill up and leave. Renting your own car is another alternative that gives you direct transportation once you arrive at the oasis. Whichever you choose, your stay here will be very refreshing.

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